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A Premier Cuban Restaurant in Chicago

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 MayMusic Lineup


                                May 3rd, 6th, 17th, 27th                                                                  May 7th


Grupo Los Primos International The Fantastic Latin Cuatro
Grupo Los Primos International
Stop by to see why they are the best international music in the midwest.

Diana Mosquera's Latin Jazz
Returning to the Cafe Laguardia lineup. Be sure to head on over to the Cafe to check them out.

                   May 13th, 23rd, 24th, 30th, 31st                                                                 May 9th

Mambo Fino Angel d'Cuba

Mambo Fino
A Cafe laguardia Sensation! Stop on by to find out why. We'll save a table for you.
Angel d'Cuba
He will be rockin' the house on the 8th stop by and check him out.


                                          May 10th                                                                            May 16th, 28th

Diana Mosquera Quartet Fandanguero
Samuel De El Real y SU Orquesta
Will Be out on Saturday the 10th. Stop on by.
Will be back out at the Cafe stop by grab some dinner and check them out.

May 20th May 2nd
Rio Bamba Band Rhthym City
Rio Bamba Band
Will be rockin' the joint on Tuesday. See you there.
Rhythm City
Rhythm City will be here on the 16th. Stop to see why they are a proven favorite. They will also be celebrating Pamela Fernandez's birthday! We'll see you there.

May 21st   May 11th Mother's Day
PowerPlay FYI   The Fantastic Latin Quatro
PowerPlay FYI
Will be here Wednesday the 21st. Come on out and here them rock the joint.
Don't forget about Mom
Come join us the 11th for Mother's Day as we will have a special menu. So head on out with Mom and celebrate with us.

May 14th    
Edward's Latin Ensemble    
Edward's Latin Ensemble
Please join us on the 14th as we will have Edward's Latin Ensemble back at Cafe Laguardia's. Stop by and check them out.